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Start by simply tracking your pet’s daily activity, feeding schedule and our team will provide you with invaluable insights & rewards specific to your pet.



Mint your Pet’s NFT Today! 

An NFT Digital Record of Ownership Certifies Transparency between Breeders, Adoption Facilities and Veterinarians.


We are revolutionizing the pet parenting journey using seamless web3 solutions.

Our blockchain pet registry, "Petchain" is a new application that allows you to store, secure, and manage all of the data related to your furry family member.

  • Safe place alerts.
  • Track your pup Nationwide.
  • Monitor activity & sleep.
  • Monitor mobility & pain.
  • Monitor stress & anxiety.
  • Monitor itchiness & skill diseases.
  • Link to your Animal Cloud pet parenting application.

Join our pet parents in advocating for better monitoring of dog health by downloading the Animal Cloud pet parenting app!

Pet Health


Through collection of your pets daily activities, we can offer you savings using blockchain technology on your favorite products and services.

Inputing your pets feeding regiments will allow us to measure and recommend with our Veterinarian affiliates a Health Savings plan.

Tracking Your Pet’s Daily
Activity and Dietary Needs Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!