A Four-Legged Therapist

Written by Jessica Schaffer at Animal Cloud

“A dog is a man’s best friend.” We’ve all heard this saying before and honestly, it holds true. Animals play such a big role in our lives. Whether it’s a service animal or just a pet for fun, the addition of animals in our lives makes an impact. Pets provide a companionship. They are not just animals that only exist to exist. Animals provide benefits to your overall health and well-being (and also gives you a life-long friend).

Research has shown that pets have positively affected their owners in many ways. For example, service dogs help alleviate symptoms in veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). In addition, pets help their owners deal with emotions and also provide a distraction from stress. As a whole, studies have shown that people who have pets are less likely to experience signs of depression and have lower blood pressure in stressful situations. Pets can also increase exercise and mobility in their owners, therefore benefiting a healthier lifestyle. For example, dogs can interpret the owner’s body language and tone of voice and will often try to consult them. However, dogs aren’t the only animals to help with the improvement of their owner’s health. For example, birds provide social interaction and fish can lower your pulse rate and reduce muscle tension. 

Not only that, but larger animals such as horses can also help with mental health. Equine therapy is a common way for children to learn and work through emotional challenges. Now, what exactly is equine therapy? Equine therapy is when people incorporate horses into their therapeutic process. During this process, the child is in charge of caring for the horse. Activities such as grooming and feeding the horse are just some of the ways that the child learns responsibility and confidence. This form of therapy also helps children with impulse control, problem-solving skills, and emotional awareness. Equine therapy has been used to combat anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and even addiction.

Other benefits of equine therapy!

Organizations who work to create a better environment for children in need of equine therapy are located all around the country. One example of a non-profit organization who works to restore and reunify families through equine therapy and other modes of therapy is Champion Oaks Ranch. Champion Oaks Ranch, located in Jasper, Texas, works to form a more emotional confident child through equine therapy; they work to create that special bond between the child and the horse. The goal of both Animal Cloud and Campion Oaks Ranch is to promote a community where wellness is the first priority, whether it is the human or the animal. With the addition of Animal Cloud’s Device Connectivity, it can be ensured that the therapy animals’ health is monitored, therefore preventing any unforeseen health complications. Animal Cloud’s application would also ensure that the child’s progress with, for example, equine therapy would not be interrupted or put in jeopardy.  

Who knew that animals would play such a big role in our lives? They care for us, just as we care for them. If you are looking to adopt a life-long friend, there are many great organizations and shelters where you can meet your future best friend. Some suggestions we have are (locally in Texas, but there are many other options): 

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