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We Are Animal Cloud

We're creating the best in interactive pet technology by making experiences that change the way people have pets.

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Animal Cloud can trace its roots back to Texas Christian University. Four college friends had an idea for a tech company, and found themselves neck-deep in blood, sweat and gory details that only the most optimistic could endure. But the team, who called themselves "ACDC", knew that the idea was something big. The thrill of pushing themselves in their venture, Animal Cloud Device Connectivity Inc., propelled them forward on their journey of creating a software -- one that would eventually help hundreds of millions of animals.

Their first $500 was raised during a business school start up pitch competition, their first meetings were held at the university restaurant Buffalo Bros, and their first major success was winning a technology transfer agreement with the Department of Defense to commercialize the Air Force's medical triage software.

The team's early successes led to a national defense contract with the Air Force, who were interested in exploring integrations of their technology with Military Working Dogs. During this time, they completed a faith based high tech accelerator from Cincinnati, Ohio and secured venture backed funding from investors committed to helping them reach their goals.

In Austin, Animal Cloud has been welcomed into Capital Factory's start-up ecosystem––a place designed to help entrepreneurs. The company has found a wealth of opportunity in the commercialization of the research and development it conducted with the government.

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Animal Cloud is serious about creating a better world for animals. The company has enlisted Wendy Diamond as an advisor, whose best-selling books, humanitarian efforts and high profile in the animal advocacy world have already helped change the way people think about pets. With her aboard, Animal Cloud aims to solve two of the biggest issues pets face: obesity and euthanasia.

Through their innovative technology, Animal Cloud is making pet adopting easier and more rewarding for everyone. By allowing users to rescue, shelter and care for their pet's through a Web3 app and also rewarding them with an in-app currency, Animal Cloud is aiming to empower the next 100 million pet parents to save a life and take control of their pets' wellbeing.

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What We Are About


To stop the global suffering of homeless animals, one pet at a time.


To give animals a second chance by placing them in loving, permanent homes.


To lead, serve and inspire the global animal welfare community to make the world a better place for animals.

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Have you heard of our offices?

"Our Office" in Fort Worth

We're a cloud company and we encourage you to work from wherever you'd like. We're looking for talented people who want to make an impact on animals everywhere, so grab a WeWork on us and join the team!

We’d Love to Work With You

Small companies are cool. We're a small startup aiming to take over the pet industry.

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