Dear Owner, You Saved My Life

Written by Jessica Schaffer at Animal Cloud

Let’s say you are starting a new family. You want to get a dog that would enhance your life- one that would make your house feel like a home. You have two decisions: 1.) you can get a dog from a breeder or 2.) you can adopt from a shelter. This seems like an easy decision. Most would probably pick to get your lifelong best friend from a breeder. However, most are not fully educated on the benefits of adopting from a shelter. So, let’s go through the top reasons why you should adopt, not shop.

1. You Save a Life

Approximately 6.5 million animals enter animal shelters every year in the United States. Every year, approximately 1.5 million of those shelter animals are euthanized because too many animals come into the shelter and not enough are adopted. This could be changed if the number of people adopting these animals increased.

2. Pets Help with your Overall Mental Health

Having an animal in your house can encourage mental wellness in many different ways. A few of these are:
  • They keep you calm and lower your stress levels
  • They increase your overall task performance
  • They enhance your concentration on tasks and just in general
  • They can increase your social circle- for example, taking your dog on walks can increase your friend circle, therefore increasing your overall happiness
  • They can improve your self-esteem- your sense of responsibility and self-confidence increases because the care you are giving your new best friend seems to come instinctively
*If you want to learn more about the health benefits that animals bring you,
check out our blog about how pets can save your life!*

3. It Costs Less to Adopt

When you adopt, the cost of spay/ neutering and the first vaccines are included in the price. This would allow you to avoid upfront costs that pertain to your new pet. Not only that, but depending on the animal, you may also save money on housebreaking and other training exercises/ techniques.

4. You Would Join the Fight Against Puppy Mills

So, what exactly are puppy mills? Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities where profit holds more importance than the welfare of the dog. The dogs are put in poor health conditions and do not have proper medical care. The mothers are kept in cages, only to be bred over and over again for years. When the dogs are seen as “no longer profitable,” they are either killed, abandoned, or sold at auctions. Adopting an animal could save these innocent dogs’ lives. This is just one of the many ways you can fight against puppy mills.

5. You Get a New Best Friend

Animals make awesome companions and bring joy into your life. Choosing to adopt would change a homeless animal’s life and give them a second chance to live a life full of love and happiness.
Having an animal in your household can enhance your life overall. We at Animal Cloud support anything that helps animals who are in need. We strive to create a world where animals have not only a safe and loving home, but also have a safe and healthy life. If you are looking for other ways to help the animals in these shelters, you can volunteer your time to help in the shelters, donate money or any items that the shelters are needing, and many more. To donate money and/or find other ways you can help, visit The Humane Society of the United States for more information.
Adopting a pet would not only save their life, but also yours. These pets are in need of a loving home. The time is now- you can change an animal’s life. Animal souls need saving. Now that you know the benefits of adopting your new best friend, which option would you choose?

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