Virtual Vets: Life Made Easier and More Accessible

Written by Jessica Schaffer at Animal Cloud

Stratocyte – reach any veterinarian specialist in one click!

As pet owners, we would do anything for our pets right? Let’s say that your cat, for example, has had a good, healthy life, with little health problems. In order to ensure that your cat does not have any serious health problems in the future, you purchase Animal Cloud’s Device Connectivity. Now you have access to a world of real-time reports of your cat’s overall health through a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device. One day, you notice that your cat is not acting like her normal, sprite self. You check the Animal Cloud application on your mobile device to find that your cat is suffering from an overly rapid heartbeat. You quickly contact your primary care veterinarian and schedule an appointment. By using the Animal Cloud application, your primary care veterinarian is able to diagnose your cat with a condition only a specialist can address. Because of Animal Cloud’s Device Connectivity, you were able to be aware of your cat’s rapid heartbeat, therefore preventing a more serious injury. The veterinarian gives you a recommendation of a specialist veterinarian who could possibly help your cat, however you will need to schedule a consultation first in order for the specialist to evaluate the situation. The only problem is… the specialist veterinarian is in another state across the country. 

Animal Cloud’s application has helped you, as the pet owner, recognize and address that your cat has a serious health problem and it has helped your primary care veterinarian easily access the information and records of your cat’s health, including the location of the health problem. The next step is to contact the specialist veterinarian. However, it is expensive to fly to the specialist and it would be difficult for you to take time off from your work to take your cat there. Not only that, but this first appointment would simply be a consultation to see if the specialist veterinarian could even help or if they recommend for you to go to another specialist. Although it seems like a huge hassle to travel to this specialist, you are willing to do whatever it takes to help your cat. However, if there was a way to make this whole process easier, would you do it?

What if there was a way to meet with the specialist veterinarian virtually? You wouldn’t have to travel long distances and you wouldn’t have to take off time from work. Well, there is a way you could achieve all of that. Stratocyte, an application that would allow for patients to partake in a virtual consultation with animal specialists from all over the world right from the comfort of their home, was designed and created just for this purpose. Dr. Ashley Mitek, a veterinarian and anesthesiologist, and Dr. Samantha Vitale, a veterinarian and neurologist, both recognized the inconvenience and complex planning that seeing a veterinary specialist involves. Therefore, Dr. Mitek and Dr. Vitale created Stratocyte in order to make consulting with specialist veterinarians easier and more accessible.  

Dr. Ashley Mitek [left] and Dr. Samantha Vitale [right]

By using an application like Stratocyte, it makes it easy to meet with specialist veterinarians, especially those who are in other parts of the country. Additionally, with the Animal Cloud application, the specialist is able to have easy access to your pet’s medical records. Because the Animal Cloud application gives real-time updates as to the animal’s health, the specialist can also monitor the pet’s health without having to be in-person. During the virtual consultation using Stratocyte, the specialist could view the medical information using the Animal Cloud application to get a better idea of the situation concerning the animal. 

By using both the Animal Cloud application and Stratocyte, you can ensure that your cat’s health is in good hands. You have easy access to your pet’s health information and so does both your primary care veterinarian and the specialist veterinarian. Now more than ever, it’s easier to ensure that your pet is safe and healthy. 

To get more information about Stratocyte, Animal Cloud conducted a podcast with the Dr. Mitek and Dr. Vitale. During the podcast, Dr. Mitek and Dr. Vitale discuss the issue of mental health in the veterinary industry, the benefits of having a virtual option for veterinary care, and the process of forming Stratocyte. To find out more about Stratocyte, go to our podcast to hear more!

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