Who is Animal Cloud and What Do We Do?

Written by Jessica Schaffer at Animal Cloud

Dylan Jones [left] and Peyton Mainwaring [right]

Would you ever think you’d be starting your career working with a college classmate? Neither did Peyton Mainwaring, an animal specialist and TCU graduate who started a company focused on working animals’ health, with fellow classmate Dylan Jones, the Co-Founder and President of Animal Cloud. Not only was Jones a transfer student just like Mainwaring, but he was in her first class at TCU. At the time, Mainwaring had an idea concerning the safety and overall health of working animals. Jones had the same idea. It’s funny how destiny works. Because of this almost perfect, yet unforeseen, coincidence, Mainwaring and Jones began working together to create what is now known as Animal Cloud. The company was formed on the basis of community and a desire to help those in need.

Thus, Animal Cloud was born. Their mission? To ensure that animal owners, specifically those who own dogs or horses working in law enforcement, get the information and insight concerning the animal’s health, they need, when they need it. Through the combination of biometric sensors, machine learning systems, and your own mobile device, Animal Cloud allows for owners of service animals to monitor their health from afar. Now, exactly how is remotely monitoring working dogs and horses’ health from a mobile device even possible? Well, it is now, with the help of the U.S. Air Force. 

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has allowed Animal Cloud to repurpose the application powered by  BATDOKTM, which is designed by the U.S. Air Force to monitor patient’s vitals from a mobile device. The app was created to document and monitor multiple patients’ health all from one mobile device. The application powered by  BATDOKTM accesses the patients’ care, documents the information, and allows for the information to be transferred to other devices, in order to collaborate and access the information. This transaction has given Animal Cloud the ability to put the application to use, specifically for service animals. This is the first time for a company to use the app in a non-human way; Animal Cloud focuses on the work animals that help our overall community.

Screenshot of the modified application powered by  BATDOKTM for equestrian use

Now let’s dive into the app itself. While using the technology from the application powered by  BATDOKTM as the main data source, Animal Cloud is currently working on a new app that will allow the owners to get ahold of this program. Project Thunderstruck, a project to create an application that would allow the owner of the dog or horse to monitor their health from a phone, is currently being researched. Nikhil Sujith, the manager for Project Thunderstruck, uses tools such as React Native and Spring Boot to develop the app. More specifically, Sujith forms the codes that are necessary to making the Thunderstruck app function, as well as manages the input and output of data that derives from a microservice. Once data from other third-party entities, such as Polar, a heart rate monitor company, is gathered, Sujith and others study the analytics and data and transfer it to the Thunderstruck app. From here, the owners of these working animals are able to obtain valuable and important insight concerning the animal. The app would include your animals’ names and basic information, the health aspects and records of the animals, and can notify someone if there are any health concerns, even if they are not there. 

Community. Excellence. Value. These are just some of the qualities that Animal Cloud embodies. Their mission to ensure the health safety of working animals is driven by a desire to enact change. Animal Cloud challenges the status quo, enacting an innovative drive and energy amongst the employees and the customers. So, now do you think that it is highly unlikely to be starting up your own company with a fellow classmate?

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